After a long period of preparation and months of active participation of the short-listed participants,
here are the authors and papers that will be included in our issue:

Bin Uehara and Cruel Optimism during the Pacific War
Tham Yoke Yee Noelle
(Issues in Popular Culture, Professor Barbara Greene)

The Role of Civil & Military in Arab Spring Revolution: Tunisia and Syria Case Study
Nguyen Hoang Thuy Tien
(Comparative Politics, Professor Hiroyuki Yamamoto)

Child Kidnapping in Nigeria: Recent Upsurge
Sergeeva Tatiana
(Academic Composition II, Professor Alex Gatica)

The Issue also features an overview of the IRSA and a clear schedule and
overview of how the Undergraduate Paper Series operated in the last 6 months.

We congratulate the featured authors and we hope that readers will be able to improve their own writing and broaden their knowledge by checking the papers!